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OpenQuicktime aims to be a portable library for handling Apple’s QuickTime™ popular media files on Unix-like environments. It is aim is to provide encoding, authoring and editing support as well as video playback.

This library is based on an enhanced version of the Quicktime 4 Linux library. It features decoding and encoding QuickTime files, support for standard audio and video codecs (including MP3 audio) and a plug-in support so that non-open source codecs can be used with OpenQuicktime.

OpenQuicktime could be used by any Unix players or encoders wanting to support the Quicktime format. OpenQuicktime is still young but is already used by some applications. The most promising application using OpenQuicktime is Gstreamer.

The OpenQuicktime library, utilities, applications and many of the codecs are released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. However some of the codecs have source codec derived from other projects and are released under the GNU General Public License. Please checking README and COPYING files in codec directories or the online codec browser. There will also hopefully be an increasing number of Binary only codecs such as the 3ivx codec available.


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