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What are the differences between OpenQuicktime and Quicktime 4 Linux ?
In fact, the two libraries have a different philosophy. Quicktime 4 Linux contains everything a user needs but is limited to open source codecs, handles only local files and works only on Intel Linux. OpenQuicktime is more complex, contains no colorspace conversion, doesn’t support all the Quicktime 4 Linux codecs but is easily extendable and fully portable. The two libraries are already completely different and the differences will increase in future version of the libraries. In detail:

  • OpenQuicktime library contains no embedded codecs but has a plugin system to dynamically load audio and video codecs.
  • OpenQuicktime contains no colorspace conversion algorithm.We think this has nothing to do in a such library.
  • OpenQuicktime is fully portable and fully configurable with all the autoconfigure and automake magic we have been able to add.
  • OpenQuicktime supports compressed headers (decoding only for the moment).
  • OpenQuicktime supports Quicktime Sound System version 2.
  • OpenQuicktime can support any inputs and outputs (file, HTTP, FTP, RTP, ...), in fact the functions used to read, write and seek are overloadable.
  • OpenQuicktime has an overloadable plugin mechanism. This is a complexe feature which enables any application to use its own codecs instead of the OpenQuicktime ones. This feature is essential for the Gstreamer application.

I use Quicktime 4 Linux, should I change for OpenQuicktime ?
Even if both libraries have currently the same interface, we don’t recommend you to change. Quicktime 4 Linux is much more simple to use than OpenQuicktime because it contains codecs and colorspace conversion statically linked. Besides, the OpenQuicktime interface is not finalized and could change. But be aware, that in a near future, OpenQuicktime should support more codecs and should be usable to play quicktime streams directly from the network.

OpenQuicktime is linked to 3ivx and is not really Open Source ?
Yes and no. Currently all the members of OpenQuicktime are also members of the 3ivx project. 3ivx is, for the moment, not open source in any case but has the ambition to be a really portable codec. To port the codec on any Unix, we have decided to create what we needed and release it open source ... Of course, a 3ivx OpenQuicktime plugin will be available soon. But because this library is released under the LGPL, if Sorenson, or any other codec companies wants to create plugins, and sell them, it is possible and we hope that they will do so. That way, Linux users will not have to reboot on Windows to see their favorite trailers. ;)

I want to write a codec for your library, is there any documentation somewhere to help me ?
Yes, we’ve created a video plugin HOWTO. We will create an audio plugin HOWTO soon as well. For the moment, you could always look at the MP3 plugin as an example.

On which Unix has the library been successfully ported ?
For the moment, the library has been ported on Intel, Sparc and PPC Linux, and Solaris as well. We are currently testing it on FreeBSD and Darwin. We plan to adapt it also on Tru64.

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