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The main source of documentation is found at Apple's QuickTime Development site. You should start with Apple's QuickTime format specification.

This library is based on sources from the Quicktime 4 Linux library.

Helmboys Quicktime information pages and Supported Data Formats

An alternative Quicktime library, compatible with Quicktime4Linux
called libquicktime. (We think OpenQuicktime is better ;-)

OpenSource Quicktime Components for Mac/Windows - including Ogg Vorbis and Speex.

The MP3 plugin uses code from L.A.M.E. and mpg123.

Ogg Vorbis Audio Compression

FFMpeg Project

Dr Tim Ferguson's Video Codec information and source code.

Mike Melanson's codec information.

Adobe premieres guide to video codecs and audio codecs.

3ivx was at the beginning of this project.

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