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7 October 2003 - Nick
I have just released OpenQuicktime version 2.0 Alpha 1. It is *very* Alpha - ie still lots of bugs. Download it here.

19 May 2003 - Nick
Thanks to Ciaran Wills, OpenQuicktime now supports Motion JPEG-A .

16 March 2003 - Nick
Thanks to ECS the OpenQuicktime website can now be accessed over IPv6.

20 January 2003 - Nick
Jozef has written a DV to movie importer called 'oqtimport_dv'. The oqtavi2mov and oqtmash2mov utilities have been apropriately renamed and moved to the 'import' directory. The oqtextractvideo and oqtextractaudio utilies have been renamed to oqtexport_audio, oqtexport_ppm and oqtexport_compressed.

15 December 2002 - Nick
Not much has been done for a little while - Sorry !
But we are working toward getting a OpenQuicktime 2.0 pre-release soon...
Jozef has contributed a DV Video Codec which uses libdv. I have remove LAME from the OQT sources. To encode MPEG Audio you must now have the liblame shared library installed on your system.

4 November 2002 - Nick
Added support for Apple Graphics (SMC) and low bit size Uncompressed RGB.
Sample movies are now available here.

30 October 2002 - Nick
Over the past few days I have added a number of new video codecs to CVS:
  • Component Video
  • Planer RGB/Photoshop
  • PNG
  • TGA
  • TIFF
  • Sorenson Video
  • Apple Video

25 October 2002 - Nick
Due to the features I added to oqtextractvideo there is now a preview image for the Test Movies with a supported video track.

25 September 2002 - Nick
Sorry for any down time experienced over the past few days. I have replaced the old webserver with a band new shiny one !

15 September 2002 - Nick
Decoding support for Cinepak is now in CVS thanks to source code from Dr Tim Ferguson.

13 September 2002 - Nick
The brand new PHP-powered website was released to the public today.
Site redesigned and decorated with the new logo by Joseph Humfrey.
Site now features a codec and movie file browser, with content automatically taken from the OpenQuicktime library.

28 August 2002 - Nick
Nick Humfrey is now maintaining the OpenQuicktime website.
Website moved to its own domain: openquicktime.sourceforge.net
Updated the Plug-ins page with the latest codecs in CVS.

10 April 2002 - Yann
Small web update: plugins page updated, API documentation is now online ... Expect a new release very soon ;) ...Updated the Plug-ins page with the latest codecs in CVS.

27 July 2001 - Yann
We release in the same time the first version of OpenQuicktime and a few tools to play with. In details, a player and an encoder allow you to play and create Quicktime streams on any Unix box. Worth a try guys ;)

17 June 2001 - Yann
New web site, should be much more readable now ;)

07 June 2001 - Yann
The Gstreamer decoding plugin is now part of the Gstreamer CVS. This plugin and the encoding one should be fully integrated in the next release of Gstreamer or maybe the next one ;). An OpenQuicktime plugin HOWTO has been released ... If you want your favorite video codec to be supported by OpenQuicktime, either ask, or do it yourself ;)

01 May 2001 - Yann
An OpenQuicktime discussion forum has been setup at http://3ivx.com/forum. Its the one at the bottom

29 April 2001 - Yann
The CVS now contains some files that should compile, build and install a simple library, some tools and a (non very-well working) MP3 compression/decompression codec. The QuickTime core is based on the QT4Linux library without all the build-in codecs (they will be added as separate plug-ins). The MP3 codec is based on lame (for encoding) and mpg123 (for decoding). This is only the beginning, so please be patient. We hope to present you stable sources and pre-compilated binaries as soon as possible.

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